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Very Cherry, Teachers Pet, & Pear Shaped, by Qiana

These small, elegant acrylic paintings are one of a kind custom pieces created for a client whose love and passion for produce evolved into a business.  Their success is depicted through this collection of art entitled, "Fruits Of Labor".  


Do you have a special request?  Choose an object that reflects something meaningful to you, to a friend, to a family member.  TThese small, customized, canvas pieces are excellent as gifts.  Subscribe to recieve emails regarding special promiotions and exclusive offers. 



Details & Options

  • Prices vary based on your request. 
  • Choose the subject of your painting / artwork.
  • All sizes are available as listed are available for similar artwork. Canvas sizes shown:
    • 10 x 10 (Very Cherry & Teachers Pet)
    • 11 x 14 (Pear Shaped)
  • Type of Art
    • Sketched - Black & White
    • Painted - Multi-colored
  • Optional Framing Available
  • Choose an individual piece or selecti one of our packages and save:
    • (Prices reflect unframed canvas sizes (10 x 10 or 12 x 12)
      • Individual - Starting at $65 
      • Set of 3 - Starting at $180 ($60/each)
      • Set of 5 - Starting at $275 ($55/each)
      • Set of 9 - Starting at $360 ($40/each)

The Fruits Of Labor

Excluding Sales Tax
Pallet Selection
  • Any item damaged during delivery may be returned within 7 business days for a full refund.  All other refunds and returns are not accepted.  All items are made to order and are customized per client request, therefore all sales are final.  If you are disatisfied, a discounted refund may be issued, provided the piece does not include a design, inscription, or other exclusive feature which restricts potential resale and appeal to another potential client.

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