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Lost, by Quiana

Located in Chateaux Chardonnay, this piece represents the magestic artwork of nature and the emotional impact felt when captured by it's astonishing features.  Though we may feel lost at times, we can find solice and beauty in that, which in and of itself, provides us with the insight we need to find ourselves again, to feel grounded in our journey, and to embrase the changes that come naturally, by design.



  • Custom options are available for similar artwork
  • Canvas size is 16 x 20
  • Optional framing available.


To learn more about the artist, visit our Partners Page.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Any item damaged during delivery may be returned within 7 business days for a full refund.  All other refunds and returns are not accepted.  All items are made to order and are customized per client request, therefore all sales are final.  If you are disatisfied, a discounted refund may be issued, provided the piece does not include a design, inscription, or other exclusive feature which restricts potential resale and appeal to another potential client.

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