Beautiful, rustic small table made from Walnut and Cedar.  Handcrafted, this table sits approximatey 24" from the ground on cedar legs and has a finished and stained walnut top.  Dimensions ar 24"W x 8"D x 24"T

Walnut Wood Table

  • We build our Wooden Picnic Tables by hand. This insures your set is finely sanded and finished, old-fashioned carpentry.

    • Outdoor pieces are anti-decay Redwood that is finely finished to avoid splinters.
    • Materials to last a lifetime - extra thick Redwood that outlasts cedar and teak and the best weather resistant wood finishes.
    • The secret to great outdoor longevity begins and ends with the wood. We use generous amounts of the most decay resistant wood available. Thickness counts. Furniture that is thin and light simply won't last in the year round weather.