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Qiana Willis is a local artist who creates amazing sketches as well as acrylic paintings. Qiana's passion for art is decades in the making and has only recently been introduced to the public, as her coveted pieces were only available to "word of mouth" clients. 


Happily married for almost ten years, she and her husband Rico, have one child and live in the small rural town of Pittsburg, Texas.  The couple are highly involved in the community, church, and own their own businesses in addition to their full-time careers.

Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, Qiana put her business mind to work and this has guided her career.  Although she has achieved success and enjoyment in this field, her true gift and fulfillment comes from the brush. Qiana loves adventure and looking at the world in bright colors.

"Life can be beautiful if you pay attention to details".

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"Art is relaxing.  Behind the brush, I find refuge and freedom. Where others see paint and a canvas, I see a destination, one without boundaries, where we can escape from everything." 

- Qiana

Who I Am


"I've been drawing since I was a kid, but only painting for about eight years. 

One of my biggest inspirations is the late Bob Ross. When I was a childI would watch him and always wanted to paint like him," Qiana says.


"When it comes to paint, I'm all over the place. I still have more to learn, but I'm getting there. A special thanks to my friends, family, and clients for the love and support you have provided me over the years."

- Qiana  

Authentic, one-of-a-kind custom pieces featured throughout our homes. 

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My Inspiration
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